Livestream a video

Use this demo app to try livestreaming with right from your browser. Simply replace the RTMP url with your personal livestream link, and you'll be using your account.

Upload a video

Video upload from the browser using the delegated token and the file slice API - allows for easy upload of even the largest videos - right from the browser!

Moderate a video

Video Moderation uses AI to determine if the video's content is inappropriate for your users. When a user uploads a video - it enters a moderation queue, and then is categorised automatically.

Who's watched a video

Have you ever wondered who's watching your videos? With's analytics, it is easy to find out! This demo shows a simple extraction of data from our analytics.

Delete a video

Maybe it is spring cleaning. Maybe you uploaded the wrong video. At some point, you may find yourself looking to delete a video. This app will help you do that!

Private Delegated Upload

Delegated Tokens allow for public upload of videos into your account. This demo adds some security - expiring the token, and the ability to set the video to private.

Upload a video: to Discord

Connecting the video upload app to the Discord API gives an easy video bot for Discord

Watch a video broadcast's livestreaming lets you watch a video from anywhere. This page will display the stream (if live) or just show the thumbnail if the livestream is not currently broadcasting.

Watch a video playlist

There are a number of reasons you might like to queue several videos to play one after another. In this application, we use the player, and a simple JavaScript array of videoIds to create a player that plays one video after another.

Resume a video

When you're interrupted in the middle of a long video - it's great when the service "remembers" where you left off. Learn how to implement this with your account.

Video "stories"

Popular social media applications use "stories" to temporarily post videos - that subscribers must watch in 24 hours before they disappear. In this demo, we'll build a 'story' function using showing only videos created in the last 24 hours.

FFprobe a video

Have you ever wondered the settings of a video? Size, bitrate, frames per second (and more?) FFprobe is part of the FFMpeg suite, and will give you these details. This is a simple online version - where you drop the url of the video you wish to learn about, and you'll get a full output of the video's parameters.

Share a video

Have you ever wanted to share a video as a livestream? Maybe to watch a movie with your socially distanced friends? Do you need to schedule a video to play at a specific time? Try!

Caption a video

Research shows that adding captions improves video watch times. But adding captions manually is a big pain. I this demo, we show how to integrate automated captioning into your upload.